Pipe down son

Oh em gee the sound of a toddler screaming because they can’t get their own way – is there a more annoying, godawful sound on earth. No I doubt there is.

The past almost two weeks the Curly-Haired Monster has discovered his lungs and the ability to screech at a very high pitch. It is a bloodcurdling sound and I’m certain my neighbours have contemplated calling the police. 

He likes to use this new finely-tuned skill when he doesn’t get what he wants. He is a stubborn little boy – not sure where he inherited that trait from – and often teams the screaming with a little lie down on the floor. On special occasions he will even bang his head on the floor. Good times.

I am not the most patient person in the world and have to restrain myself from screaming back – admittedly I have screamed back – but recently The Boy and I have decided the best way for the screaming to cease is to ignore him.

It works like a charm but I can’t help but feeling like the worst parent on earth. For realz does a mother’s guilt ever f*cking end?

Anyway I am sure I am not alone but I constantly feel like all other mums have so much more patience than me and I am doing a terrible job. I imagine in other homes the parents are calm and laugh off these tantrums where as I am trying not to tear my hair out or crack open a bottle of shiraz at 10am. 

Then it makes me question my ability to have more than one child? Could I handle it? How the hell do other parents do it? Will this hideous guilt which cloaks me every minute of my life ever dissipate? Does it ever get any easier?