A warm cup of milk? How about a warm cup of shut-the-hell up!

It is 5am but I have been awake since 3am and instead of staring at the ceiling for what feels like an eternity I decided to get up and do something constructive. Although I’m sure to some blogging is hardly constructive. I’d like to add I’ve already done a load of washing.

Oh woe is mum, the joys of pregnancy insomnia. I refer to it as pregnancy insomnia because in my opinion it differs from regular insomnia which I’ve suffered on and off from since about the age of 16.

Regular insomnia I can deal with because it’s just me I have to worry about and I can usually survive on very little sleep with no problems. However pregnancy insomnia I am having a rough time coping with. My body is under enough stress as it is let alone it not getting any rest.

I thought as yesterday was my last day of work I’d be greeted by the sleep fairies with a warm hug and the promise of at least five hours sleep. Oh boy was I wrong.

I drifted off to sleep without much trouble about 11.30pm but a few hours later BAM and I’m wide awake and there is nothing I can do to lull myself back to the land of nod. My brain won’t stop ticking over as my thoughts race through my head at a million miles per minute, my back hurts, my right hip aches and oh what’s that I need to pee for the 300th time.

Being a tummy sleeper doesn’t help either nor does the fact that sleeping on your back or right side is a no-no when pregnant. Apparently there is a massive artery nearby and my uterus may squash it cutting off my blood supply and causing me to die.*

So fed up with not being able to sleep I phoned my doctor earlier in the week to see if there was anything I could do to help me rest. The nurse’s advice – a warm cup of milk.


First of all the taste of milk makes me gag and second of all I have a mild intolerance to lactose. Oh and how is milk meant to switch my brain off, stop my bladder from being squashed and alleviate just how uncomfortable sleeping with a huge bump at the front of my body is!

I gave it a shot anyway and lo and behold I did actually sleep a little bit easier although I put it down to sheer exhaustion after having been awake well past midnight the two previous nights.

I’ve also been told having a warm bath helps. Well baths bore me because I’m always thinking about all the things I should be doing rather than laying in my own filth. I gave it shot – I was lied to, once again I was greeted by my old mate insomnia.

My sister has even pitched in with helping get some more shut eye by gifting me with a bag of crystals. You know the ones they have funny names and are meant to have healing properties. I sleep with them next to me every night but I think I’ve drained them of all their healing power.

I was given some wise advice on Twitter earlier by another mum who couldn’t sleep during pregnancy and she said to get up and do the stuff I wouldn’t normally get time to do – so from now on that’s what I’m going to do.

Unfortunately this may mean numerous early morning ranty posts – sorry.
As I’ve mentioned before I’ve had a very easy pregnancy and I really don’t like to complain when there are so many mummas out there who aren’t as lucky but I really just needed to vent my frustration this morning.

If anyone has any advice please leave me a comment or perhaps you have your own insomnia tale to tell?

If anyone dares to make a clever comment such as ‘just wait until the baby is born then you’ll know about getting no sleep LOL’ go find another blog to read.

*This may be a slight exaggeration for story-telling purposes.

Maternally yours, I-Guess-I’ll-Sleep-When-I’m-Dead.