I take my hat off to …


Wrap-around maxi dresses - a fashion Godsend during the hotter months.

As we enter the eighth heatwave of the summer I’d like to take my hat off to all the expectant mums out there and hope they’re finding ways to cope with this unbearable heat.
I know I am struggling. If possible next time I’ll plan to be pregnant in the cooler months.
I don’t think there is enough ice blocks, frosty fruits or chilled mineral water in the world to cool me down at the moment.
Thank God our house is air-conditioned
If only my work would follow suit – the unit has been broken since November and temperatures have hit 36C degrees at my desk. Not very pleasant.
I’d love to sit poolside and sip ice-cold fruity mocktails all day but alas we don’t have a pool.
I’d head to the beach but I’m so white at the moment I’d probably be mistaken for an albino whale.
So I think I’ll stay indoors in air-conditioned comfort and crunch my way through a kilo of ice.
What are you doing to keep cool?

Maternally yours, One Hot Mumma.