Chill out mumma

It’s been a big two weeks – I waved goodbye to my 20s and said hello to turning 30.

Hooray hooray the internet is finally working! I have been without a decent internet connection  for almost two weeks now – pure torture – which is why I haven’t posted anything lately.

A lot has happened since my last post – I finished work, began my 52 weeks of maternity leave and turned 30.

I have to admit I was a little devastated I couldn’t mourn the end of my 20s with a giant glass of red. However I still made sure I celebrated in style by throwing a big party with all of my friends and family. It was lots of fun, I felt very loved and was very spoilt. The Boy even baked me a delicious chocolate cake.

Finishing work was easier than I expected too. Although I must admit I am still keeping an eye on things from home.

So now the countdown to Predator’s arrival is well and truly on. Five weeks and four days until my due date – OMG.

Without the stress of work I am now finally free to enjoy being pregnant and get myself organised for the big day. I feel like there is so much to do and I want to be as organised as possible but everyone keeps reminding me I need to relax.

This is harder than it sounds. Anyone who knows me is well aware I thrive on stress. I always have several things on the go at once. I’m even watching a movie as I type this. I love to multi-task. Perhaps this is why I love being a journalist so much.

Coupled with this constant need to be always doing something is guilt. I feel awful faffing around while The Boy is at work. I think the least I can do is make sure he comes home to a spotless house and a fabulous home-cooked meal – how very 1950s of me I know. He tells me I need to relax too but I can’t help feeling bad about it.

All mums tell me the same thing – to enjoy the time to myself while I can and to get as much rest as possible before I am up to my neck in dirty nappies, feeding and surviving on little sleep.

So from this moment I am going to set aside at least an hour a day to do absolutely nothing. Whether that be soaking in the bath, having a nanna nap or reading a book over a cup of tea, I’m going to have a little ‘me-time’ without the guilt.

Wish me luck! Oh and hopefully now our internet seems to be working again I’ll be able to post more regularly – yippee!

Maternally yours, Lady of Leisure.