Skipping breakfast? Don’t be a fool


I have been eating the same thing for breakfast for as long as I can remember now.

A nice warm bowl of porridge six days a week and poached eggs on toast on either Saturday or Sunday. When The Boy and I go out for breakfast it’s eggs Florentine with smoked salmon which I mentioned here.

One of the signs something was amiss before finding out I was pregnant was that I could no longer stomach porridge. The sheer thought of it made my tummy turn. For about five months all I could eat for breakfast was banana on toast. Funnily enough I haven’t touched it since.

I never EVER skip breakfast. In fact I make it a priority as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning – well right after The Baby is seen to that is.

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and if  you are skipping it you are a fool. Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism for the day and refuels the body. Think about it – the last time you ate was at dinner time the night before. If you miss breakfast your body has gone without food for more than 10 hours.

By skipping breakfast you are forcing your body into starvation mode and it will cling to fat stores in order to survive. So if you are missing breakfast in order to lose weight you are in fact doing yourself a huge disservice. This terrible habit is slowing your metabolism and fat burning will be at an all-time low. Never skip meals – you will not lose weight. This concept is so stupid I can’t even begin to get my head around it.

Breakfast also gives you energy and mums need energy. So eat up!

“I don’t have time to eat breakfast”. The catch-cry of mothers everywhere. Bullsh*t. Make time. How hard is it to peel a banana, chuck it in the blender with some milk, protein and honey? I’d say it’d take you about three minutes.

Or you could do what I did last night and make some delicious, healthy, filling porridge overnight in the slow cooker so when you wake up all you need to do is spoon it in to a bowl and eat it.

Here is what I did but you can make up your own combination

1/4 cup of oats – I use steel-cut oats

1 cup of water

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tsp LSA

Handful of berries

Bang it all into the slow cooker. Switch it on to low. Go to bed and let it work its magic.

When morning comes spoon it into a bowl topped with 1/4 cup of milk – I prefer to use almond or soy – and eat up. Delicious!

Now there really is no excuse to skip breakfast ever again.


My other love

Coconut oil Source: via Jewel on Pinterest


There are many loves in my life – obviously there is my family, my fabulous friends and then there is my other true love, food. So I think it is fitting that I share the occasional recipe here on the blog.

I love eating, trying new flavours/cuisines, I enjoy cooking, I am learning the art of baking and my favourite thing to do is to go out for a meal, especially breakfast. Eggs Florentine with smoked salmon – OMG is there anything more heavenly? I think not.

Luckily my next love after food is fitness otherwise I’d be the size of a house.

I can’t wait to introduce The Baby to a wide and varied smorgasbord of tasty treats. I look forward to his first strawberry, first taste of creamy gouda, first bowl of pasta, first freshly shucked oyster and his first bite of chocolate.

I imagine the look on his little face to be priceless as he experiences brand new flavours and textures.

I think a person’s upbringing has a huge influence on the foods they eat and the development of their palate. So I aim to introduce The Baby to as many different foods as possible. I also think it is important for The Boy and I to set a good example in how to maintain a healthy lifestyle especially in the current climate where obesity is everywhere you turn.

Luckily health and fitness are a major focus in my life and I am always looking at ways to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. At the moment I am obsessing over coconut oil and clean eating.

Coconut oil, while high in saturated fats, contains short term medium-chain saturated fatty acids which are a healthy form of saturated fats. Rather than being stored as fat it is converted to energy which in turn gives fuel to the brain and muscle function.

It has also been known to speed up metabolism, reduce abdominal obesity, ease digestion, supports immunity, hydrates the skin and controls sugar cravings.

It can also be rubbed straight on to the skin to control any dry patches. I have been using it on The Baby’s cradle cap and it works wonders.

I also recently read an article which stated coconut oil boosted breast milk production. What is there not to love?

I make sure I have one tablespoon per day. Whether that be straight out of the jar – it comes in a solid form – stirred through steamed vegetables or added to soups or curries. I love it.

I have also been trying to make sure we are eating as ‘clean’ as possible. Clean eating means eating whole, natural foods – so no processed or packaged foods and trying to steer clear of refined or chemical-laden foods. For example instead of white rice we have been eating quinoa. In a nutshell it’s about being really aware of what you are putting into your body and where it came from.

Recently I came across the clean eating blog The Gracious Pantry and I have been salivating over all of the delicious recipes. Today I thought I would give the clean eating chocolate bars a crack – which are predominantly made up of coconut oil and perfect for the chocoholic! Win. Win.

You can find the recipe here and trust me when I say they are delicious. I left out the cayenne and chilli powder because we didn’t have either ingredient and The Boy is not to keen on spicy foods.

They are also super easy to make. Which is a bonus because when it comes to making sweets I am not the greatest. Just ask anyone who has been following my #SundayBakingAdventures on Instagram. Believe me when I say there have been some disasters.

If any of you are as addicted to coconut oil as I am and have a favourite recipe or use for it please leave me a comment below.