Powerless and still waiting

I am blogging from my iPhone this morning as we have no power due to yesterday’s storm which some – my dad and The Boy – are calling “the worst they’ve ever witnessed”.

It was bloody windy that’s for sure. We were at mum and dad’s when it hit. A couple of the neighbours lost their fences or parts of while a friend of the family up the road lost his outdoor blinds and fence. Mum and dad’s place remained unscathed as did ours although our large potted plant out the front tipped over. I will be making a call to the SES later for a full-scale clean up.

Upon arriving home yesterday we soon realised we were locked out – due to the power outage we couldn’t open the garage door. But alas as fate would have it The Boy had left the front door unlocked earlier in the morning so we were able to get in. We never use the front door – the universe works in wonderful ways!

Anyway so we had no power until about 11pm and then it went off again almost three hours ago. I have been up since 3am – it seems insomnia is unfortunately not deterred by extreme weather conditions.

Luckily we have a gas stovetop so we could still make dinner meanwhile my younger sister nibbled on carrot sticks and dip. Ah the perils of electric cookery.

The Boy lit all the candles we have dotted all over the house and then we just snuggled on the couch and chatted. It was lovely … and lasted for about an hour or so before we got bored and decided we were better off going to bed. The Boy was snoozing within minutes so I decided to read.

Reading by candlelight is not easy, thankfully we had a torch so I could immerse myself in Clash of the Kings.

I am obsessed with Game of Thrones at the moment and I am certain the reason so many wars were waged back in medieval times was because without the miracle of electricity there was nothing else to do! So they were forced to spend their days drinking, shagging and waging war. The good old days.

But seriously what on earth did people do before electricity? How did the human race cope without the internet, television and smartphones? How did people let the world know the melodramatics of their lives without Facebook and Twitter? Did a storm really happen if photos weren’t uploaded to Instagram immediately? What was the point of living? Just kidding.

I really miss working today. I love a good storm chase. We’ve had several tornadoes here over the years and one of my favourite days in my career was after a tornado hit and within minutes I was there to cover the aftermath. I also love a good weather yarn and find storms fascinating.

I think I might take full advantage of this quiet time – it’ll probably be the last time I am without so many distractions – and stay in my pyjamas all day, eat soup and let my mind wander within the realms of the seven kingdoms.

It will hopefully take my mind off the fact I am also yet to be showing any signs of going into labour. I hate playing the waiting game.


A warm cup of milk? How about a warm cup of shut-the-hell up!

It is 5am but I have been awake since 3am and instead of staring at the ceiling for what feels like an eternity I decided to get up and do something constructive. Although I’m sure to some blogging is hardly constructive. I’d like to add I’ve already done a load of washing.

Oh woe is mum, the joys of pregnancy insomnia. I refer to it as pregnancy insomnia because in my opinion it differs from regular insomnia which I’ve suffered on and off from since about the age of 16.

Regular insomnia I can deal with because it’s just me I have to worry about and I can usually survive on very little sleep with no problems. However pregnancy insomnia I am having a rough time coping with. My body is under enough stress as it is let alone it not getting any rest.

I thought as yesterday was my last day of work I’d be greeted by the sleep fairies with a warm hug and the promise of at least five hours sleep. Oh boy was I wrong.

I drifted off to sleep without much trouble about 11.30pm but a few hours later BAM and I’m wide awake and there is nothing I can do to lull myself back to the land of nod. My brain won’t stop ticking over as my thoughts race through my head at a million miles per minute, my back hurts, my right hip aches and oh what’s that I need to pee for the 300th time.

Being a tummy sleeper doesn’t help either nor does the fact that sleeping on your back or right side is a no-no when pregnant. Apparently there is a massive artery nearby and my uterus may squash it cutting off my blood supply and causing me to die.*

So fed up with not being able to sleep I phoned my doctor earlier in the week to see if there was anything I could do to help me rest. The nurse’s advice – a warm cup of milk.


First of all the taste of milk makes me gag and second of all I have a mild intolerance to lactose. Oh and how is milk meant to switch my brain off, stop my bladder from being squashed and alleviate just how uncomfortable sleeping with a huge bump at the front of my body is!

I gave it a shot anyway and lo and behold I did actually sleep a little bit easier although I put it down to sheer exhaustion after having been awake well past midnight the two previous nights.

I’ve also been told having a warm bath helps. Well baths bore me because I’m always thinking about all the things I should be doing rather than laying in my own filth. I gave it shot – I was lied to, once again I was greeted by my old mate insomnia.

My sister has even pitched in with helping get some more shut eye by gifting me with a bag of crystals. You know the ones they have funny names and are meant to have healing properties. I sleep with them next to me every night but I think I’ve drained them of all their healing power.

I was given some wise advice on Twitter earlier by another mum who couldn’t sleep during pregnancy and she said to get up and do the stuff I wouldn’t normally get time to do – so from now on that’s what I’m going to do.

Unfortunately this may mean numerous early morning ranty posts – sorry.
As I’ve mentioned before I’ve had a very easy pregnancy and I really don’t like to complain when there are so many mummas out there who aren’t as lucky but I really just needed to vent my frustration this morning.

If anyone has any advice please leave me a comment or perhaps you have your own insomnia tale to tell?

If anyone dares to make a clever comment such as ‘just wait until the baby is born then you’ll know about getting no sleep LOL’ go find another blog to read.

*This may be a slight exaggeration for story-telling purposes.

Maternally yours, I-Guess-I’ll-Sleep-When-I’m-Dead.

Sympathetic hangover

I’m typing this using my iPhone as I lay in bed still dressed in my pyjamas – it’s 12.08pm.
I have had what I imagine to be one of the breeziest pregnancies in the history of the world. No morning sickness, no mood swings, no complications, nothing to complain about. I have loads of energy most of the time, had barely any weight gain and everything is going along perfectly.
Yeah the insomnia sucks and I get a bit of back pain from sitting at a desk all day but nothing worth writing home about. There was also some nausea in the beginning but nothing I couldn’t handle.
However today I feel so blah and yuck I can’t even muster up the energy to shower. I can’t even be bothered eating which says something!
I didn’t get to bed until after midnight last night after attending the wedding of my high school BFF and I swear I have a sympathetic hangover.
How much does that suck – the effects of a hangover minus the drunken shenanigans.
So the point of this post is to give a shout out to all the pregnant mummas who have had a rough pregnancy – you’re all amazing and today I’m sending you all a big virtual hug.
Maternally yours, Oh-woe-is-mum

It’s the final countdown

Source: etsy.com via Christine on Pinterest


I have five weeks of work to go before I am on 52-weeks maternity leave. Five weeks. Wow.

Then I’ll have six weeks to go before I am due.

Where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday we invited our families over to announce the news that we were having a baby. Now I’m about to put my working life on hold and prepare for the next chapter in The Boy and mine’s life. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time. It’s going to be a huge change but I think I’m almost ready for it.

The hardest part is trying to imagine not getting up and going to work each day. I love my job and I love working. I’m so lucky to have a career rather than a job. I often feel sorry for people whose work is simply a way for them to earn money. I think I’d lose my mind if I had to work somewhere which wasn’t fulfilling and enjoyable.

I often imagine how I will spend my days. I admit I am one of those career women who wonder – “what do stay-at-home mums do all day”. Cue the boos and hisses from the stay-at-home mum brigade. Before everyone gets defensive let me say I am well aware I’m going to be busy changing nappies, feeding, doing housework etc while being deprived of sleep. I know it’s an all-consuming job but I do struggle to imagine how I’ll be any busier than I already am. I think it will just be a different kind of busy. Feel free to ask me how I’m going a week after Predator arrives.

I’m also concerned about being at home and not having any adult interaction for the majority of the day. I am a very social person, I love to talk and I go crazy if I’m stuck inside away from people for too long. I’m the opposite of a homebody. The thought of being at home all day fills me with dread. Lucky babies are portable and I have a swanky new jogger I can pop him/her in when cabin fever hits. I see a lot of pavement pounding over the next 12 months. My mum can expect a lot of visits too – hi mum!

The Boy and I have always said we wouldn’t let our lives change too much once the baby is here. Of course our lives will be different but I don’t see why The Boy and I can’t enjoy doing the things we do now after the little rugrat arrives. I know some parents become hermits once they’ve had a child or they use their offspring as an excuse to get out of social situations. Not us.

We’ve already booked our first family holiday for over the Summer and I’m going to Lady Gaga three weeks after Predator is due. We also have several weddings to attend this year and countless 30ths – we won’t be using the baby as an excuse to miss out. We are also taking the little one to New Zealand next year to meet The Boy’s family – I can’t wait.

Which brings me to the top 15 things I am looking forward to once I have given birth …

  1. Meeting our mini-human and giving he/she a big cuddle
  2. Giving him/her a name so I can stop referring to he/she as Predator
  3. Seeing my family’s faces when they get to meet Predator – my dad already has the most priceless look on his face whenever he sees me and my expanding bump
  4. Being a family
  5. Eating poached eggs on rye with smoked salmon, spinach and hollandaise sauce – my mouth is salivating at the mere thought of this
  6. Having Sunday cuddles – I don’t believe in co-sleeping or having children in the bed but on Sunday mornings there is going to be an exception where there will be plenty of family cuddles in bed
  7. Playing dress-ups – yes I am truly that shallow but I just can’t wait to dress this baby up
  8. Running/working out without the worry of overheating – I know it’s sick but can’t wait to get really sweaty and out of breath again
  9. Taking baby out for the first time – this one also scares the bejesus out of me
  10. Sleeping on my stomach and throwing out the giant body pillow – I’ve had a gutful of sleeping on my left side only
  11. Predator’s first smile, laugh etc
  12. Drinking a lovely glass of cabernet sauvignon while eating soft cheese and Italian sausage with The Boy, friends and the little one by my side