Time to discuss that cover

As an editor I love everything about this cover – it’s attention-grabbing, controversial, encourages debate/discussion and most importantly it sells.

I first came across the cover very early this morning – surprise, surprise I couldn’t sleep – and since then it has gone viral. Everyone has an opinion.

People are mostly outraged by it.

As a woman and mother-to-be I am also outraged. Everything about this cover is deliberate and the editors at Time will be rubbing their hands with glee at the attention it has been getting.

I am outraged because I’m sick to death of mums being judged for their parenting choices. Facebook and Twitter have been inundated with commenters putting in their two cents about the image. Disgusting and disturbing are two words which have been cropping up continuously.

So what if this mother still breastfeeds her three-year-old son? So what if a mother chooses to bottle-feed from the get go?

Each to their own. Stop with the berating.

The image is not natural. By that I mean this is not how a mother would nurture her child. It looks absurd and the bond between the two has not been captured. The photographer has done a fantastic job at making something completely natural look the complete opposite.

Time has also deliberately staged this shot to have both mum and child glaring at the reader daring the reader to make a judgement.

Let’s look at the accompanying headline ‘Are you mom enough?’ *Sigh* Here we go again with the judgement.

What is ‘mom enough’? As if there’s not enough pressure on mothers already. Also what about the father? Why is all this heaped onto the mothers of the world?

Then the cover line goes on to pretty much make anyone who favours attachment parenting out to be a freak. Not cool Time not cool.

Personally attachment parenting is not something I’d consider but hey that’s my choice and I’m entitled to make that choice just as those who advocate attachment parenting are. Either choice should come free of judgement.

I could sit here and analyse this cover until the cows come home but I’m far too angry and it will end up being a long-winded rant.

Bottom line is, Time has achieved it’s primary goal – publicity, and mothers have been made to feel like shit about their parenting choices yet again.

I’d like to add I have not yet read the article so I am merely criticising the cover. For all I know the article could be a well-balanced piece and Time has merely produced a controversial cover to gain more readers which is the job of a good editor.

Maternally yours, Rant-Over.

Sympathetic hangover

I’m typing this using my iPhone as I lay in bed still dressed in my pyjamas – it’s 12.08pm.
I have had what I imagine to be one of the breeziest pregnancies in the history of the world. No morning sickness, no mood swings, no complications, nothing to complain about. I have loads of energy most of the time, had barely any weight gain and everything is going along perfectly.
Yeah the insomnia sucks and I get a bit of back pain from sitting at a desk all day but nothing worth writing home about. There was also some nausea in the beginning but nothing I couldn’t handle.
However today I feel so blah and yuck I can’t even muster up the energy to shower. I can’t even be bothered eating which says something!
I didn’t get to bed until after midnight last night after attending the wedding of my high school BFF and I swear I have a sympathetic hangover.
How much does that suck – the effects of a hangover minus the drunken shenanigans.
So the point of this post is to give a shout out to all the pregnant mummas who have had a rough pregnancy – you’re all amazing and today I’m sending you all a big virtual hug.
Maternally yours, Oh-woe-is-mum

It’s all about me!


The boy is out playing in a golf competition today so I thought I’d make use of this glorious Sunday and time to myself by having a me-day. God only knows how many opportunities I’ll have once Predator arrives!
So this morning my mum and I trawled the local markets which run once per month and are jam-packed with lots of homemade goodies created by a host of clever mums.
There’s cloth nappies, bibs, clothing, stuffed animals, pram liners and bags just to name a few.
Today I left with two ‘sleeping bunnies’, a set of cloth wipes and a cute knitted cardigan all for under $50 – what a bargain! I also put in an order for a custom-made pram liner.
It’s really inspiring to see all these fabulous mums who are not only tackling motherhood but have started their own at-home-businesses.
We then hit the Farmers Market – perhaps one of my favourite places on earth – where I stocked up on fresh fruit, veggies and trail mix. I find trail mix to be a healthy and handy snack to have when I’m feeling peckish between meals.
Tonight we are having lamb shanks for dinner so I grabbed some corn on the cob and sweet potato to team with it.
For the rest of the day I plan on giving myself a pedicure, putting a treatment in my hair, baking a jam and coconut slice and an evening stroll to top it off.
Ah yes today is all about ME! I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend 🙂

Work that bump!

Is it a tent or a dress? Thankfully maternity wear has evolved and changed since the 1980s and expectant mums no longer have to hide underneath masses of material like poor Princess Diana and our own mothers did.

Dressing when pregnant can be challenging – your body shape is constantly changing, you may have put on a few extra kilos where you least expected to and now you have a bulging bump to contend with.

However being pregnant is no excuse for looking frumpy! Expectant mums can still look glamorous and on-trend. Staying stylish and rocking your hot pregnancy body needn’t mean an expensive or complete wardrobe overhaul either.

Has your bump outgrown your favourite pair of jeans? Never fear the belly extender is here. These pieces of fabric have been a Godsend for me and have allowed me to continue to wear my favourite jeans despite my growing belly. Simply throw on a longer top to cover the extender and you’re good to go.

My favourite casual look at the moment is coloured jeans teamed with a long tank top or t-shirt. Cotton On and Dotti stock a variety of colours and styles and are very affordable. There’s no point spending big bucks on the basics when you’re only going to keep growing. I then finish off my look with statement jewellery. Lovisa is cheap and on-trend. I’m there at least once a week. Throw on some comfy ballet flats and you’re good to go.

Dresses are an easy and stylish option for mums-to-be. Maxis not only look fabulous but are so comfortable and can be glammed up with some simple accessorising and strappy sandals. Throw on a cardigan or wrap for those cooler months.

Every pregnant women needs to own at least one pair of leggings. They are so ridiculously comfortable and versatile it’s not funny. However it is important to remember the two golden rules – COVER YOUR BUM AND ABSOLUTELY NO CAMEL TOE. Throw a dress over them, a long loose-fitting top or kaftan just don’t ever break the aforementioned rules – it is never a good look EVER on anyone.

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your changing body loose-fitting tops and dresses will keep you feeling pretty but if you’re anything like me and have a new-found appreciation for your pregnant bod – flaunt it! For maximum impact choose stretchy fabrics when you want to proudly show off your bump.

Some people – my mum – say pregnant women shouldn’t wear heels. To that I say whatever. Granted I wouldn’t wear them every day as they can put a strain on your back however I don’t see anything wrong with wearing them on special occasions. Just make sure it’s a sturdy heel and you can actually walk in them before leaving the house. I usually wear ballet flats, havaianas or my trusty Chuck Taylors. For nights out I’ll wear my Jeffrey Campbells. They may look high but they’re super-comfortable. I also recently bought another pair of Dr Martens but in a pastel pink!

If you’re too tired to hit the shops or like me would prefer to shop from the comfort of your home – jump online. From eBay to Top Shop there is a wide array of maternity wear right at your fingertips.

Where to shop …

asos Maternity

Topshop Maternity

Sweet Lily Maternity

Glow Mama

Queen Bee

What are your pregnancy fashion tips? Where do you shop?

Maternally yours, If-You’ve-Got-It-Flaunt-It

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An ode to poached eggs

Smoked salmon eggs Benedict

Poached eggs - a breeding ground for Listeria. Oh how I miss thee.

If I had to name my number one joy in life it would be eating. I love good food and I love to eat. In fact I don’t trust people who don’t love food especially those weird folk who don’t eat seafood or claim to not like chocolate. Seriously what is the point of living if you don’t eat either of these?

I also have no time for fussy eaters but being pregnant means I have to be a bit fussy myself so can no longer eat a few of my favourite foods such as homemade Italian sausage, soft cheese, natural oysters, smoked salmon and saddest of all poached eggs. These foods are a breeding ground for bacteria such as Listeria. While the chance of developing listeriosis is miniscule it is best to avoid foods such as these which are at a higher risk of breeding bacteria.

I really miss poached eggs. I miss their gooey, golden centres dripping over the firm white outer. I miss eating poached eggs with smoked salmon on a piece of toasted rye. I miss the hot buttery toast soaking up all the yolky deliciousness. I miss sweaty Saturday mornings at the gym knowing I was going to earn every last bite of my post-workout eggy treat. I miss Sunday breakfast dates with The Boy where I’d try and order something different from the menu but always ended up with Eggs Florentine with smoked salmon. I even miss feeling sick from the hollandaise sauce and wishing I had in fact ordered something else. I really miss poached eggs.

And now I’m drooling all over my keyboard.

Since being pregnant I have noticed a change in my eating habits – hello carbs – and it’s led me to wonder why pregnant women crave the things they do.

Pre-up-the-duff I barely touched bread. I would have one slice of toast with my beloved poached eggs every Saturday morning and that was about it. Now I eat toast most days. I also never ate potatoes but love myself some mash these days. Is it because my body is crying out for starchy carbs or is it because I’ve deprived myself for so long and am now using being pregnant as an excuse to indulge in these cravings?

According to essentialbaby.com.au the most common assumption about pregnancy cravings is that they are a physical sign the body is deficient in certain nutrients. However the article goes on to say this doesn’t explain cravings for junk foods with little nutritional value, which can occur quite often during pregnancy.

I’m lucky the only naughty food I’ve been craving is starchy carbs. Well there’s chocolate too but that’s an essential food group I won’t be giving up anytime soon.

On the other side of the coin, in the first three months I couldn’t even look at porridge, – which I ate daily for breakfast – green tea, – my preferred hot beverage choice – or chicken, – my dinner staple. The mere thought of these made me gag. Was my body sick of them? Thankfully I can eat porridge and chicken now but green tea is still a challenge which is odd as previously I’d drink multiple cups a day.

I also developed aversions to meat, alcohol, cigarette smoke and anything in a rich sauce which I tend to believe is because of the below explanation.

 “Interestingly it is more likely that it is the aversions women have to particular foods during pregnancy (rather than their emotional cravings) that indicate the body is physically protecting itself for nutritional reasons. For example, women are said to be more tuned in to bitter tastes that are associated with poisonous foods and alcohol, and also often feel nauseated by the process of preparing and eating meat (most likely because of the health issues that can arise with undercooked meat) as well as fatty foods that tend to aggravate morning sickness and digestive problems. Sense of smell is usually affected too, and increased sensitivity to the smell of foods can contribute to the development of aversions.”

Source: http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/pregnancy/pregnancy-health/pregnancy-cravings-20110727-1hz41.html

I’m keen to hear other expectant mums thoughts on cravings/food aversions. What do you crave or detest now? Are you eating enough to feed a small country like I have been the past few weeks? Has anyone developed pica? Leave a comment below.

Maternally yours, I-Really-Miss-Poached-Eggs