Who doesn’t love a bargain?


I am expecting a package to arrive today – five brand-spanking new breastfeeding tops which I bought for the bargain price of $150 from Mamaway. I also need to head to the shops but I just know as soon as I leave the house the delivery van will pull up, knock on the door, see I’m not home and then I’ll have to duck down to the post office after 4.30pm.

Talk about first-world problems!

My quest for breastfeeding tops began last week and I was disheartened to find they are very hard to come by unless you don’t mind paying the earth or looking hideously unfashionable. While I understand comfort and practicality is an absolute must when breastfeeding it can’t hurt to look nice also. It’s bad enough that we have to contend with milk-engorged leaking breasts and getting our boobs out at any given moment – I think the least maternity-wear designers can do is make something pretty and affordable.

On the topic of affordability – why does a maternity singlet cost almost double the price of a non-maternity singlet? Bonds I am looking at you. A basic singlet should not be priced at more than $30 especially if it’s only going to be worn as either an undergarment or to bed.

Another problem I have been faced with is sizing. Apparently only women sized 12 and up can get pregnant. If you’re an 8-10 forget about it. Due to this ridiculousness I have only been able to find one maternity bra in my size. I know my boobs are going to get larger but I can’t see them swelling from a 10B to a 12D – well I bloody hope they don’t anyway.

All I can say is thank God for online shopping. I had all but given up on finding anything half decent when I came across the aforementioned website which just happened to be running several promotions. I managed to find several day-wear tops, a dressier-evening top and even a pink leopard-print twin-set – all for just $150 and all in my size. Bargain.

Ooh and they’ve just arrived! *tears open package and squeals with delight*

I could not rate Mamaway high enough. Great quality, spot-on sizing and when they’re having a sale – very affordable.

Check it out.

If any other mummas out there can recommend some fabulous shopping sites please leave a comment below.

Maternally yours, Thrifty-Shopper


Work that bump!

Is it a tent or a dress? Thankfully maternity wear has evolved and changed since the 1980s and expectant mums no longer have to hide underneath masses of material like poor Princess Diana and our own mothers did.

Dressing when pregnant can be challenging – your body shape is constantly changing, you may have put on a few extra kilos where you least expected to and now you have a bulging bump to contend with.

However being pregnant is no excuse for looking frumpy! Expectant mums can still look glamorous and on-trend. Staying stylish and rocking your hot pregnancy body needn’t mean an expensive or complete wardrobe overhaul either.

Has your bump outgrown your favourite pair of jeans? Never fear the belly extender is here. These pieces of fabric have been a Godsend for me and have allowed me to continue to wear my favourite jeans despite my growing belly. Simply throw on a longer top to cover the extender and you’re good to go.

My favourite casual look at the moment is coloured jeans teamed with a long tank top or t-shirt. Cotton On and Dotti stock a variety of colours and styles and are very affordable. There’s no point spending big bucks on the basics when you’re only going to keep growing. I then finish off my look with statement jewellery. Lovisa is cheap and on-trend. I’m there at least once a week. Throw on some comfy ballet flats and you’re good to go.

Dresses are an easy and stylish option for mums-to-be. Maxis not only look fabulous but are so comfortable and can be glammed up with some simple accessorising and strappy sandals. Throw on a cardigan or wrap for those cooler months.

Every pregnant women needs to own at least one pair of leggings. They are so ridiculously comfortable and versatile it’s not funny. However it is important to remember the two golden rules – COVER YOUR BUM AND ABSOLUTELY NO CAMEL TOE. Throw a dress over them, a long loose-fitting top or kaftan just don’t ever break the aforementioned rules – it is never a good look EVER on anyone.

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your changing body loose-fitting tops and dresses will keep you feeling pretty but if you’re anything like me and have a new-found appreciation for your pregnant bod – flaunt it! For maximum impact choose stretchy fabrics when you want to proudly show off your bump.

Some people – my mum – say pregnant women shouldn’t wear heels. To that I say whatever. Granted I wouldn’t wear them every day as they can put a strain on your back however I don’t see anything wrong with wearing them on special occasions. Just make sure it’s a sturdy heel and you can actually walk in them before leaving the house. I usually wear ballet flats, havaianas or my trusty Chuck Taylors. For nights out I’ll wear my Jeffrey Campbells. They may look high but they’re super-comfortable. I also recently bought another pair of Dr Martens but in a pastel pink!

If you’re too tired to hit the shops or like me would prefer to shop from the comfort of your home – jump online. From eBay to Top Shop there is a wide array of maternity wear right at your fingertips.

Where to shop …

asos Maternity

Topshop Maternity

Sweet Lily Maternity

Glow Mama

Queen Bee

What are your pregnancy fashion tips? Where do you shop?

Maternally yours, If-You’ve-Got-It-Flaunt-It

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