About babies … and other stuff

Baby Predator's latest wardrobe addition.

It’s been a tough week.

Therefore I’m not really feeling inspired to post. But alas I can’t leave my legions of readers (all five of you) hanging can I?!

My friend The Wry Bride suggested I blog about babies. At first I scoffed ‘thanks Captain Obvious’ but then I thought hmm maybe she’s on to something. So this week’s post is about babies.

Admittedly I don’t know much about them. I know they are cute, squishy, warm, they cry, poop, eat, make gurgling noises, sleep lots, have the best giggle on the planet and are fun to dress up. Other than that I’m pretty much going to have to play it by ear once he/she makes its long-awaited arrival (19 weeks eek!)

Speaking of dressing up, this little baby already has a wardrobe to rival that of my own – Missoni anyone. Yes, today I bought baby Predator an all-in-one romper designed by the famed Italian fashion house. It’s to fit a one-month old. I’m predicting it will fit my bundle of joy for probably two weeks. In that two weeks I will be aiming to get as much wear out of it as I can. Even if I’m looking like hell, sleep-deprived with milk spit on my own clothes – this baby is going to be rocking designer duds, well for at least two weeks he/she will be.

I’ve been  noticing some strange things since becoming pregnant – for one I am turning into a sensitive old soul and I think I may be starting to develop what has always seemed so very foreign to me – a maternal instinct. *shock, horror*

Earlier this week I ran into an old school friend who just had a baby and I found myself staring right at it like a woman possessed. I also had this sudden urge to pick it up, rock it in my arms and cover it in kisses. This is not the first time this has happened. When I see babies these days I get this ridiculous wistful look on my face and think to myself ‘oh how precious’. Even those television advertisements for nappies and the such turn me to mush. What dear readers is happening to me?

I’ve always found babies cute but to be honest when a new mum would hand their newborn over for a cuddle – instant anxiety. What if I drop it? How do I hold it? What if it cries? Ugh can you have it back now?

I really hope this maternal instinct which everyone talks about does exist because it’s going to be pretty awkward otherwise. ‘Oh umm sorry nurse can you wait until I’m seated up right with at least 10 cushions surrounding me before you hand me my baby for the first time?’

Thankfully my fabulous partner who will only be known as The Boy has had a lot of practise with mini humans. He has three younger brothers and is very good with children. I am very blessed and also it seems suffering from the fabled ‘baby brain’ as this blog has gone off on all kinds of tangents. Alas it’s seems like an appropriate time to sign off.

Maternally yours, I-Promise-My-Next-Post-Will-Be-Better