An ode to poached eggs

Smoked salmon eggs Benedict

Poached eggs - a breeding ground for Listeria. Oh how I miss thee.

If I had to name my number one joy in life it would be eating. I love good food and I love to eat. In fact I don’t trust people who don’t love food especially those weird folk who don’t eat seafood or claim to not like chocolate. Seriously what is the point of living if you don’t eat either of these?

I also have no time for fussy eaters but being pregnant means I have to be a bit fussy myself so can no longer eat a few of my favourite foods such as homemade Italian sausage, soft cheese, natural oysters, smoked salmon and saddest of all poached eggs. These foods are a breeding ground for bacteria such as Listeria. While the chance of developing listeriosis is miniscule it is best to avoid foods such as these which are at a higher risk of breeding bacteria.

I really miss poached eggs. I miss their gooey, golden centres dripping over the firm white outer. I miss eating poached eggs with smoked salmon on a piece of toasted rye. I miss the hot buttery toast soaking up all the yolky deliciousness. I miss sweaty Saturday mornings at the gym knowing I was going to earn every last bite of my post-workout eggy treat. I miss Sunday breakfast dates with The Boy where I’d try and order something different from the menu but always ended up with Eggs Florentine with smoked salmon. I even miss feeling sick from the hollandaise sauce and wishing I had in fact ordered something else. I really miss poached eggs.

And now I’m drooling all over my keyboard.

Since being pregnant I have noticed a change in my eating habits – hello carbs – and it’s led me to wonder why pregnant women crave the things they do.

Pre-up-the-duff I barely touched bread. I would have one slice of toast with my beloved poached eggs every Saturday morning and that was about it. Now I eat toast most days. I also never ate potatoes but love myself some mash these days. Is it because my body is crying out for starchy carbs or is it because I’ve deprived myself for so long and am now using being pregnant as an excuse to indulge in these cravings?

According to the most common assumption about pregnancy cravings is that they are a physical sign the body is deficient in certain nutrients. However the article goes on to say this doesn’t explain cravings for junk foods with little nutritional value, which can occur quite often during pregnancy.

I’m lucky the only naughty food I’ve been craving is starchy carbs. Well there’s chocolate too but that’s an essential food group I won’t be giving up anytime soon.

On the other side of the coin, in the first three months I couldn’t even look at porridge, – which I ate daily for breakfast – green tea, – my preferred hot beverage choice – or chicken, – my dinner staple. The mere thought of these made me gag. Was my body sick of them? Thankfully I can eat porridge and chicken now but green tea is still a challenge which is odd as previously I’d drink multiple cups a day.

I also developed aversions to meat, alcohol, cigarette smoke and anything in a rich sauce which I tend to believe is because of the below explanation.

 “Interestingly it is more likely that it is the aversions women have to particular foods during pregnancy (rather than their emotional cravings) that indicate the body is physically protecting itself for nutritional reasons. For example, women are said to be more tuned in to bitter tastes that are associated with poisonous foods and alcohol, and also often feel nauseated by the process of preparing and eating meat (most likely because of the health issues that can arise with undercooked meat) as well as fatty foods that tend to aggravate morning sickness and digestive problems. Sense of smell is usually affected too, and increased sensitivity to the smell of foods can contribute to the development of aversions.”


I’m keen to hear other expectant mums thoughts on cravings/food aversions. What do you crave or detest now? Are you eating enough to feed a small country like I have been the past few weeks? Has anyone developed pica? Leave a comment below.

Maternally yours, I-Really-Miss-Poached-Eggs


Ten awesome things nobody tells you about being pregnant

Pregnancy really is a beautiful experience. Photo: Jelle Druyts/Flickr

As I pointed out here – most people aren’t too forthcoming with positive stories once you’ve told them you’re expecting your first child.

Sure their initial reaction is always encouraging but then it’s usually followed by some horror story or well-meaning advice which makes you want to go home and cry into your ergonomic pregnancy pillow.

Of course there are some not-so fun parts about being pregnant – such as morning sickness, tiredness, moodiness and feeling as though you are slowly losing your mind. But there are also some awesome things which no one ever tells you about.

So dear reader I feel it is my civic duty to impart upon you a few of the things I have learnt since getting knocked up.

Please keep in mind everyone is different and these are observations I have made, I am in no way implying the same will apply to all expectant mothers.


The changing body – it’s not that bad in fact it’s quite an incredible experience watching your stomach grow from being (reasonably) flat to a well-rounded bump. The sooner you accept your body is going to change the sooner you can start to appreciate the amazing job it is doing. Oddly enough I feel more body confident than I ever have before. Also boobs – need I say more.


Utilising organisation skills – I love a good list – hence the list you are currently reading – and I get a sick thrill from being organised. With pregnancy brings the need for a constant stream of lists and an opportunity to put your organisation skills to good use. I’ve got a regularly updated list of names, a list of things we need to buy before baby Predator comes along, a list of things we need to do before baby Predator comes along and I’m even keeping a mental list on how I plan to parent baby Predator.


Food tastes better – admittedly the first three months I lived on soup and toast but oh my God hello second trimester and a big hello to my good friends Gouda cheese, chocolate and bananas. Not all at once but come to think of it that would probably taste out of this world. I’m not sure if there is a scientific explanation but certain foods taste so much better when you’re pregnant. Total foodgasm.


Lucid dreaming – who needs Foxtel or the latest blockbuster when all you need to do is close your eyes and head to the land of nod to be visually aroused. Pregnant dreams are crazy. CRAZY. Do you ever wake up in the middle of a dream cursing yourself and wishing you could get back there? Well with pregnancy this function comes for free – no need for a fancy remote just shut those peepers and you’re back to where you left off.


Everyone is nice – people will just about do anything for you when pregnant. They’ll carry things for you, give you back and foot rubs, make you cups of tea, compliment you when you know you look like hell, give up their seat for you, bring you things. It’s fabulous – just don’t try and milk it too much, no one likes a pregnancy diva and you’re pregnant not terminally ill.


Personality changes – it’s probably just the hormones but I have definitely noticed a softer side emerge with pregnancy. Pre-knocked up I didn’t get teary ever, over anything. I was a tough nut to crack. These days I get sad-teary, happy-teary, teary with love and I even cry when I laugh – it’s quite sickening but I do like it. I hope a milder version of this remains post-pregnancy.


An excuse to shop – there isn’t much I love to do more than shop. Two of my greatest loves are shoes and dresses. However with a mini-human on the way I have been demanded kindly asked to curb my spending habits. Alas fellow shoppers all is not lost – babies need clothes so you can hit the shops guilt-free.


Loved-up – warning it’s about to get soppy. I don’t think I have ever been more in love with The Boy than I am now. Maybe it’s hormones but every time I see him or hear his voice I swoon on the inside like a love-struck teen. Then I think about our little family and start to well up (see point 5). How could you not love the man who helped create the little life which is forming inside.


Butterflies – hooley dooley someone bring me a tissue. The first time you realise it’s your mini-human moving inside of you would hands down have to be the coolest thing on the planet and you realise – wow there’s a life growing in there. Once he/she starts kicking it’s even more wonderful.


Becoming a parent – what could be more amazing than after enduring the previous nine months you get to meet the little person who has been growing inside of you. Nothing.

Maternally yours, Journalists-Have-Feelings-Too.