Halfway through last year my partner of more than a decade and I decided it was time to start a family. Despite the fact I do not have a maternal bone in my body and we dislike [most] children we thought ‘hey why the hell not’. Between you and I we pretty much reached this decision because we know our human will be the coolest on the planet. The next Beyoncé or perhaps [insert famous sportsperson’s name here]. Ours will not be bratty, misbehaved or ill-mannered. He/she will be awesome, articulate and adorable. He/she will also share my love for alliteration. *tongue firmly in cheek*

At the time we were living in different cities – I’d scored an awesome job as an online news producer in the big smoke the year before – and I was certain it would take at least six months giving me plenty of time to move back home and find a job.

Well as fate would have it I was offered a brand new job back home and found out I was pregnant on the same day – about a month not six months later. Naturally we were shocked, excited, overwhelmed but mostly shocked. What was I going to do about my new job? I’d just been given the opportunity of a lifetime working as an online news editor who’d be overseeing more than 10 news sites and now I was going to have a baby. My head was spinning – would I get fired? How would I tell my boss? What if I’m a bad mother? I don’t even know how to change a nappy. Oh my God we’re going to be parents!

Naturally I moved back home, started my new job and am taking each day as it comes. I decided to start this blog because with the responsibility of becoming an editor, studying for a Master’s degree, planning a wedding and of course becoming a parent I felt I didn’t have enough on my plate already. But seriously I dislike the majority of ‘Mommy blogs’ out there. They’re always so gushing and smug so I thought ‘hey I can write, I’m going to be a mum why not start my own’. I also don’t want to annoy my Facebook friends with numerous pregnancy statuses. Note to mums who are serial offenders of this – some things should remain private.

So strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride as I swap deadlines for diapers.

Maternally yours, Expectant Mother.

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