Not long now!

Shut. The. Front. Door. I’m getting my blog on.

I am due to give birth to another mini-human in less than 10 weeks. Holy cannoli where has that time gone? It feels like just yesterday I was stewing over whether the boy and I were ready to pop out another one or not and now lo and behold it’s just about to happen. What I have learnt since that post is – if you wait until you think you are ready well you may be waiting a very, very long time and sometimes it’s best to just bite the bullet and hope for the best.

This pregnancy has been so different to when I was baking the Curly-Haired Monster. For starters I was so sick in the first trimester. Oh so sick. A (not-so) fond memory I have is crying my eyes out in the toilets at work because I felt so heinously ill and had to push on and pretend nothing was wrong. What made it about 3000 times worse was my strong aversion to coffee yet being surrounded by coffee machines in the office. So many times I’d have to either leave my desk or hold my breath and focus on not crying or vomming all over the place whenever a colleague made themselves a coffee. It was torture.

The only thing that would make me feel better was eating continuously and believe it or not – exercise. Although running was significantly harder because I suffered from breathlessness. It didn’t stop me from running two half-marathons in that time though. Yes I am crazy but I was sensible and took them both very slowly! Funnily enough I am finding it easier to run now despite being in my third trimester. I’m as slow as a snail but it still feels good so I’m going to keep it up.

Thankfully during the 11th week the hideousness magically disappeared and I was able to feel more human again.

Second trimester was an absolute breeze although I did have some really rough days emotion-wise. It’s a wonder I am still married. There have been times where I have literally hated my husband and him sharing the same air as me was enough for me to want to punch him in the face. Poor bugger. I also had some really dark days where all I wanted to do was cry and hide under my quilt. Goddamn hormones!

Thankfully that stage has now passed too but alas now I’m in the third and final trimester my old mate insomnia is back again. I knew it would be too much to ask to enjoy nine months of restful sleep. At least I am familiar with not sleeping so while it is annoying I’m not too fussed.

We have no idea what this little bundle will be – I mean really it could go either way couldn’t it 😉

Names are a struggle. Like for realz we have not settled on any names for either sex. Suggestions are welcome!

I’m going through an OMG what am I doing stage at the moment. I’ve been on holidays for the past two weeks and the toddler has been home with me rather than at day care. OMG how frigging demanding are two and a half year olds?! He’s a beautiful, hilarious, intelligent, determined, fabulous kid most of the time but in the blink of an eye he can go from all of the above to a demonic tyrant. He’s stubborn like his mother and father so that has it’s challenges.

It’s been making me feel a bit apprehensive about going on maternity leave and having two to tend with but life is meant to be challenging so as I do with most things I’ll give it a good crack.

I’m thinking this year is going to be full of new and rewarding challenges. Just to spice things up a bit I’m going to train for another marathon later in the year – Sydney – seeing as I missed out last year due to a drunken dance injury. I’m also hoping to tackle my first-ever trail ultra-marathon in December. A tad unsure as to how I’m going to fit it all in but I do have a treadmill and a jogger for two now which I am sure will help me out with training. I’m sure the husband will be a big help too.

So that’s where I’m at right now 🙂 I’m hoping to update the blog a bit more regularly than biannually too – providing I am feeling inspired and can think of something to post about it. Until then ciao!

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