Shifting the goal posts and no running

I’ve had to shift some goal posts this week.

I’m injured – due to re-enacting the lift scene from Dirty Dancing at a wedding recently – and can no longer run the Sydney marathon in September.

Not only that but I can’t run the annual Women’s Fun Run in two weeks which is the run that ignited my passion for the sport. I had been seeing improvements in my speed prior to the injury so was looking forward to smashing a few PBs. Not only at the local fun run but at next month’s City 2 Surf Half-Marathon event.

I’m still hopeful of running C2S however I won’t be racing it or putting pressure on myself. I’ll just treat it as a cruisey run with a few thousand people.

I was coping pretty well with not running but every now and then I want to cry. More for the fact I worry about how much of my fitness and speed will be lost while I wait for my rib to repair itself. I also ordered new shoes pre-injury and can’t even take them for a test run!

Rather than wallow about it though I’ve taken some proactive steps to ensure I don’t turn into an unfit lump. The physio says I’ll be off my feet for another four weeks (ugh) however I can still do strength-training and low impact exercise. A lovely trainer at my gym is currently writing up a personalised program for me which I will be starting next week. It will be focussing predominantly on building strength and I’ll be hitting the bike and attending regular RPM classes for cardio.

Although the marathon is definitely off the cards I will still be heading over to Sydney to run the half instead. It’s actually a bit of a relief as I’ll be able to do more while I’m over there and won’t have to worry about recovery so much. 21.2km is my absolute favourite distance too – it’s not too far, takes less than two hours and recovery is fast. BRING IT ON. I’ll also get to see some lovely faces while I am over there 🙂 Would you believe two of my other running buddies have had to pull out of the full due to injury also?! We’re cursed. So we’ll all be doing the half.

Until then I will try to remain positive and work on getting as strong as an ox 🙂

My favourite pic from running the marathon at the Three Waters Running Festival in April.

My favourite pic from running the marathon at the Three Waters Running Festival in April.



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