Oh hai Sydney – I’ll be seeing you

In five sleeps I begin marathon training. Again.

Only a few sleeps ago I decided that I’d give the marathon at this year’s Sydney Running Festival a crack. As you do. It was a rather spontaneous decision.

I remember chatting to a couple of my running buddies – one of them lives in Sydney – and I mentioned how I’d love to do it. I didn’t necessarily mean this year but later that evening I thought to myself why the hell not! So lo and behold that’s what I am going to do.

I am so excited about it. My good friend Katherine who lives in NSW had signed up to run the half-marathon at the same event but being the enabler I am I convinced her to switch to the full. I’m not sure how close friends we’ll be once her training gets to the pointy end! Just kidding Kath!

I will also get to meet at least three of the amazing people I have known for the past year or so due to the awesome online community Operation Move. If you need motivation and inspiration to get your bum moving – check it out. It’s the coolest thing on the interwebz. For realz.

It was Steph aka Mama Marmalade who put the idea in my head. This will be Steph’s second marathon too. We both ran our first marathons on the same day. Albeit mine was in little old Bunbury whereas her’s was the London Marathon.

The fabulous Zoey will be completing her first marathon on the day and the delightful Emily aka Mrs Sabbatical will be running the half-marathon which may be her third or fourth. It is going to be awesome. I see lots of carb-loading, laughter and fun for the whole weekend.

My previous training saw me stick to a regimented plan for about half of it before I got sick and tired of it and then just did my own thing. I wasn’t concerned about how long it would take me to finish the marathon – my primary goal was to finish with a smile on my face which I achieved.

This time however I’d like to finish a bit faster. I’m not going to put undue pressure on myself because I want to enjoy the run more than anything however I am going to start and (hopefully) stick to my training plan this time.

Marathon training requires a huge commitment. You can’t just run every now and then and expect to smash out 42km. It requires patience, determination and many hours of training.

The plan I am using comes from the book Run Fast, Run Less.Which in a nutshell is exactly what I want to do! It involves just three runs per week plus two cross-training sessions per week. The three runs are all meant to be hard – tempo, intervals and a long run. No junk mileage allowed. It appears to be the perfect plan for someone like me who leads a fairly busy lifestyle as it is.

I also like that it is very results driven. However at the same time I AM SO NERVOUS. It is not an easy plan and marathon training is tough as it is.

Training in the depths of winter is going to be challenging in itself. Think how hard it is to get out of bed on a cold winter’s morning on any given day – now imagine it’s even colder, pitch black, raining and you need to go for a run. It’s going to take a lot of willpower …and coffee! Two weeks of my training will be in New Zealand too – COLDER THAN COLD.

However knowing my friends are in the exact same boat will keep me motivated. As will the fact I will be going to Sydney for the first time, I’ll get to catch up with them all and I’ll be running across the Harbour Bridge. How freaking cool is that!

I just wish my little family could be there to see me however let’s be honest it would probably be the worst holiday ever for them. I’d be shovelling food into my face the whole time, an anxious mess, jabbering on about the run,going to bed stupidly early,too frightened to traipse around the city in case I tripped and snapped an ankle. It would suck.

The run is on September 21 which is just over 16 weeks away.  About four months. This year has whizzed by so no doubt it will be here before I know it.

Oh. Em. Gee. Let the fun begin!






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  1. It is going to be awesome! So excited you’re coming to Sydney and we get to run our second marathons again together on the same day .. in the same country this time! I totally hear you on the daunting training plan all over again but it’s going to be great and I can’t wait to see you! woo hoooooooo! xxxx

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