Last night was a nightmare – The Baby decided to play from 12.50am until sunrise. Pass the coffee please! Which reminded me of a time when The Boy and I used to love staying up all night now I would sell my right kidney to get a solid night’s sleep and miss the sunrise.

Despite having less than two-hours sleep I went for a 10km run earlier because sometimes no matter how tired you are you just need some time for yourself. However I got home, had a shower, got back in my pjs and am now in bed as The Baby is FINALLY asleep.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever know what it’s like to not feel exhausted.

These days there are two things I am constantly chasing and wondering if they do in fact exist – eight no even just six hours of unbroken sleep and being able to drink a cup of tea or coffee in peace.

I love The Baby and love being a mum but holy hell some days just suck, lucky he’s so damn adorable.



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