Who’s choice?

I was going to write a lengthy post about the whole Chrissie Swan saga but honestly I can’t be bothered and don’t think she deserves any more air time. So here is my two cents worth simply put and in brief.

In my opinion and speaking from my own experience as a former smoker – the day you find out you are pregnant you quit. That’s what I and countless other woman did.  

It isn’t that hard and as any smoker will tell you when you want to quit you just do it. No ifs, buts or maybes you just do it. However you have to want to quit. My assumption here is that Swan didn’t want to quit. 

This bullshit – as spouted by the always angry Clementine Ford – about it being a woman’s choice, it’s her body she can do what she wants annoys me. Once that embryo is created it doesn’t just become your body anymore – you are sharing it with another very vulnerable little being. I do agree that it is a mother’s choice. It’s completely up to her if she wishes to lower the birth weight of her unborn child and increase its chances of SIDS and asthma. Sadly that little baby doesn’t get to choose.

This is not a feminist issue this is an issue about the health of an unborn child. A child who doesn’t get a say in the matter, a child who may suffer adversely from its mother’s selfish choices. 



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