Boobs – what is the big deal?

People who are offended by mothers feeding their babies in public make me face palm so hard. In fact – excuse my language mum – they give me the fucking shits.

They’re boobs and their function is to produce milk and nourish babies. That is their sole purpose. The end.

I just don’t understand how anyone could find this offensive. In fact I am disturbed that anyone would find this offensive.

If you have a problem – look away, don’t make us mums more uncomfortable by asking us to “cover up” or “go somewhere else”. How about you go somewhere else.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience, a wonderful NATURAL experience. There is nothing sexual about it. If you think a mother taking her breast out to feed her baby is sexual then you seriously have issues and I urge you go see a psychiatrist.

“Be more discreet” says Kochie. I have yet to see or meet a mother who just willy-nilly flops her boob out in full view of the public before breastfeeding. Could someone explain what the big deal would be anyway? Would the world implode? How is it offensive? I find high-waisted micro-short denim shorts offensive – it doesn’t mean it gives me the right to tell every teenaged girl to “cover up” or “go somewhere else”.

Believe it or not a lot of us feel very uncomfortable about breastfeeding in public – I am one of them. Why? Because of moronic attitudes like Kochie’s and all the idiots who agree with him.

Should I just stay at home or switch to bottle feeding as to not offend anyone when I am out and about? Would the masses prefer me to go sit in a filthy public toilet to feed my son? Would you eat your lunch in a public toilet? I didn’t think so.

Just yesterday I was down south with my mum, sister and The Baby. He was due for a feed and after searching high and low for some sort of parenting room I was forced to hastily and uncomfortably feed him in the stinking, hot front seat of my car in the beach carpark – IN PUBLIC with PEOPLE walking past. We all survived the ordeal and so did everyone who happened to walk by. To those who oppose breastfeeding in public – should I have made my son wait 45 minutes until we arrived home before feeding him? Should I have starved him instead of getting my naughty booby out?

Apparently some Class A dickhead compared breastfeeding in public to pissing in public on talkback radio this morning. I can’t even respond to this hideously ignorant comment. I wonder if he was breastfed as a baby.

I also came across a few comments on Facebook yesterday calling mothers who breastfeed in public “feminists”. Ooh not the f word! I am a feminist and I am proud of it. I am also a mother who wants to give my son the best start to life. I will make no apologies if a member of the public gets a glimpse of nipple when I am trying to feed him.

The public should be supporting and encouraging mothers to breastfeed – not making them feel like deviants who should be hidden away.

So to all the breastfeeding mummies out there who are feeling down about thier God-given right to feed their baby wherever the hell they like I say – GET YA TITS OUT!


4 responses

  1. Get ya tits out indeed! Love it. Ignorant fools. But we can’t win. If everyone were feeding from a bottle, it would be assumed to be formula not breast milk and then we wouldn’t be giving our babies the best start in life. We’re doing our best. And that’s good enough.

  2. Sorry to continue my rant but what about breast feeding in public makes you a feminist? Is it that non-feminists are at home where they belong baking bread and scrubbing the grout with toothbrushes in between feeds?

  3. I just want to give my view on the whole relating breastfeeding to urination.
    You have written yourself that breastfeeding is “a wonderful natural experience”. It looks like you are predicating breastfeeding’s value on this. Undoubtedly there are many, many other reasons why breastfeeding is nothing to be ashamed of, and I am aware of this.
    But, if we are to say that breastfeeding is an inherent good because it is natural, then by extension, all other “natural” things should be equally good. This is where urination comes into it for it is equally natural.
    Of course, it is absurd to relate the two, so we should stop basing breastfeeding’s worth on its naturalness.

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