Challenge accepted

One of my favourite things to do is prove people wrong.
When I was pregnant I did some crowd sourcing via Facebook as to whether I should use disposable or cloth nappies. An overwhelming majority of mothers said no to cloth nappies and I shouldn’t bother with them. Some said it would take up too much of my time, that I’d give up after a few days etc etc. One of my mates even bet me $200 that I’d throw in the towel after two months.
I thought to myself – “I’ll show them!”
I have been using MCNs for a month now – The Baby’s bum was too small for them up until then – and can honestly say I love them. They don’t leak, are ultra-absorbent and look super cute. Washing them is a breeze. I soak them in the nappy bucket and wash every second or third day before hanging them out to dry.
Much nicer than disgusting disposables sitting in the rubbish bin in the searing heat. Eww.



2 responses

  1. I love cloth too, less nappy rash, so easy to wash and dry – much easier than lugging boxes of disposables back from the shop! Plus I was using disposables at night for a while and my little treasure learnt how to take them off and make a lovely mess!

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