Breast is not always best


There are two very temperamental items in our home at the moment – our internet connection (posting from my phone again!) and The Baby.

The internet connection is actually harder for me to deal with. My laptop won’t give me cuddles or stare at me with wide eyes when I’ve reached the end of my rope. Whereas all The Baby has to do is gaze up at me and all is right in the world.

Also the internet tells big fat lies when it comes to babies. Especially regarding breastfeeding and establishing a routine. Establishing a routine oh LOL internet have you even had a baby before?!

Breastfeeding is without a doubt the most physically and mentally challenging task I have ever tackled. Yeah breast is best but sometimes a bottle is just as good.

The Baby was feeding like a little champ in hospital and when we arrived home until 3.30am Wednesday two weeks ago. He suddenly developed amnesia and forgot how to feed. Cue tears and tantrums from both of us.

Waaah I am the worst mother on earth, my son is going to starve, why can’t I do this, noooo I can’t give him a bottle or I’ll be cast to the fiery pits of hell waaah!

So after an entire day of dramatics I finally conceded that yes The Baby may have to become The Bottle-fed Baby and it did not mean I was the worst mother on earth in fact it made me a pretty good mother for putting his needs first. That need being he had to be fed.

Once I made that decision everyone was happy once again … until a few days later. I had continued to attempt breastfeeding while giving him a bottle but he showed zero interest. So for about a day and a half I gave up trying. Then last Tuesday while he was screaming down the house and I couldn’t figure out why I gave it another go and BAM amnesia gone and he was back on the boob.

Seriously WTF make up your mind monkey man! So now we are ‘mix feeding’ a bit of boob and a bit of bottle.

The hardest part of all of this was making the decision to give him a bottle. There were all these voices in my head telling me how terrible a mother I’d be if I made the switch.

WHY IS THERE SO MUCH PRESSURE TO BREASTFEED? Seriously it needs to stop. Not everyone can do it and mums shouldn’t be made to feel like shit about it.

I know at least two other new mums who have had trouble breastfeeding and they also voiced how awful they felt about having to bottle-feed. Why? These mums should be applauded for making that tough decision and doing what is best for them and their babies.

I have read countless stories about women saying how amazing breastfeeding is – oh hi there Miranda (super-f*cking-mum) Kerr – yet struggle to find anything in the mainstream media about the struggles of breastfeeding.

Well I am not ashamed to admit that it’s hard, bloody hard. It hurts, your boobs leak and seriously who wants to get their tits out at 2am in the middle of winter!

Like I said before breast may be best but a bottle can be just as good. As long as baby is getting fed and both mum and baby are happy that’s all that matters.

Maternally yours, Mix-feeding Mum


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  1. I cried for over a week trying to breastfeed, sobbing to my husband about how i was a failure…I popped that bottle in Ninchucks mouth and suddenly the world was a better place! I felt so much guilt that it was completely unnecessary, and I eventually had to say f** off not only to the tutting perfect supermoms, but also to my mommy guilt issues! Now my kid is a genius..need i say more! 😉

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