Hug it out

It’s been almost two weeks since I posted and I am typing this via my iPhone with a sleeping monkey in my arms.

I have so much to blog about but have no idea where to begin. Today I will keep it short.

Babies cry. They cry quite a lot. This is not news however I have always been led to believe I’d be able to understand and decipher my baby’s cries. Ha whatever they all sound the same to me.

In reality it’s a process of elimination – has he been fed? Does he have a clean bum? Is he tired?

About ten minutes ago I had a screaming monkey on my hands and I was stumped as to what was wrong. I ticked off all of the above and had no idea what could possibly be wrong. So I picked him up and gave him a big cuddle – his crying stopped immediately and he was soon fast asleep.

I may be stuck on the couch for a while still in my dressing gown with the floors screaming at me to be vacuumed but seeing his little face looking so peaceful makes it all okay.

It also gives me an excuse to watch trash television a bit longer.

Never underestimate the power of cuddles.



4 responses

  1. Could he be any more gorgeous! Treasure those cuddles, the baby phase is so short and flys by. From a fellow OCDer the floors will always be there but he will be running all over them in no time and not wanting to sit still and cuddle, so savor it.

  2. Crying just for cuddles is a survival thing, bubs don’t want to be forgotten and left in the cave! Isn’t it nice to feel so loved that just a hug from you makes them so happy and peaceful! A clean floor is definetely not as rewarding!

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