Powerless and still waiting

I am blogging from my iPhone this morning as we have no power due to yesterday’s storm which some – my dad and The Boy – are calling “the worst they’ve ever witnessed”.

It was bloody windy that’s for sure. We were at mum and dad’s when it hit. A couple of the neighbours lost their fences or parts of while a friend of the family up the road lost his outdoor blinds and fence. Mum and dad’s place remained unscathed as did ours although our large potted plant out the front tipped over. I will be making a call to the SES later for a full-scale clean up.

Upon arriving home yesterday we soon realised we were locked out – due to the power outage we couldn’t open the garage door. But alas as fate would have it The Boy had left the front door unlocked earlier in the morning so we were able to get in. We never use the front door – the universe works in wonderful ways!

Anyway so we had no power until about 11pm and then it went off again almost three hours ago. I have been up since 3am – it seems insomnia is unfortunately not deterred by extreme weather conditions.

Luckily we have a gas stovetop so we could still make dinner meanwhile my younger sister nibbled on carrot sticks and dip. Ah the perils of electric cookery.

The Boy lit all the candles we have dotted all over the house and then we just snuggled on the couch and chatted. It was lovely … and lasted for about an hour or so before we got bored and decided we were better off going to bed. The Boy was snoozing within minutes so I decided to read.

Reading by candlelight is not easy, thankfully we had a torch so I could immerse myself in Clash of the Kings.

I am obsessed with Game of Thrones at the moment and I am certain the reason so many wars were waged back in medieval times was because without the miracle of electricity there was nothing else to do! So they were forced to spend their days drinking, shagging and waging war. The good old days.

But seriously what on earth did people do before electricity? How did the human race cope without the internet, television and smartphones? How did people let the world know the melodramatics of their lives without Facebook and Twitter? Did a storm really happen if photos weren’t uploaded to Instagram immediately? What was the point of living? Just kidding.

I really miss working today. I love a good storm chase. We’ve had several tornadoes here over the years and one of my favourite days in my career was after a tornado hit and within minutes I was there to cover the aftermath. I also love a good weather yarn and find storms fascinating.

I think I might take full advantage of this quiet time – it’ll probably be the last time I am without so many distractions – and stay in my pyjamas all day, eat soup and let my mind wander within the realms of the seven kingdoms.

It will hopefully take my mind off the fact I am also yet to be showing any signs of going into labour. I hate playing the waiting game.


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