What to expect

Recently a friend, who is mother to two of the cutest kids on the planet and who I love for her  honesty, told me I “have no idea” what I’m getting myself into when it comes to becoming a parent.

At first I wanted to slap her in the face, then I wanted to cry and then I just accepted she is spot on. I do have no idea what I’m getting myself into and I’ve never professed to believe otherwise.

I know once baby Predator has arrived I’ll read over some of my blog posts, Facebook statuses and Tweets, shake my head and say what the hell was I thinking. But you live and you learn and trust me when I say I’m going into this with my eyes wide open.

I’m looking forward to the challenges being a first-time mum will bring. I’m aware there will be good days and bad days. I know I’ll barely have any time to myself and be functioning on little to no sleep. I know there will be times where I want to throw in the towel but I also know there will be times where I couldn’t be any happier. I’m also lucky to have the best partner in the world who is also looking forward to the journey ahead.

It’s going to be a huge learning curve for The Boy and I. We live the good life at the moment and it will be hard to sacrifice some things. The Boy won’t be able to play golf as often as he does now, I’ll have to curb my dress-buying addiction, lunch-time outings will have to be less frequent and we won’t be able to be as spontaneous.In short we have to be a little less self-obsessed.

But we are both ready – bring it on I say!


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  1. Yay! A friend once told me (before I had kids) that it was the best thing and the hardest thing I’ll ever do. Both are true.
    I think what your friend meant was that it’s pretty much impossible to accurately describe to someone how much your life changes. But every change, every debacle, every sleepless night is totally, totally worth it 🙂

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