Time to discuss that cover

As an editor I love everything about this cover – it’s attention-grabbing, controversial, encourages debate/discussion and most importantly it sells.

I first came across the cover very early this morning – surprise, surprise I couldn’t sleep – and since then it has gone viral. Everyone has an opinion.

People are mostly outraged by it.

As a woman and mother-to-be I am also outraged. Everything about this cover is deliberate and the editors at Time will be rubbing their hands with glee at the attention it has been getting.

I am outraged because I’m sick to death of mums being judged for their parenting choices. Facebook and Twitter have been inundated with commenters putting in their two cents about the image. Disgusting and disturbing are two words which have been cropping up continuously.

So what if this mother still breastfeeds her three-year-old son? So what if a mother chooses to bottle-feed from the get go?

Each to their own. Stop with the berating.

The image is not natural. By that I mean this is not how a mother would nurture her child. It looks absurd and the bond between the two has not been captured. The photographer has done a fantastic job at making something completely natural look the complete opposite.

Time has also deliberately staged this shot to have both mum and child glaring at the reader daring the reader to make a judgement.

Let’s look at the accompanying headline ‘Are you mom enough?’ *Sigh* Here we go again with the judgement.

What is ‘mom enough’? As if there’s not enough pressure on mothers already. Also what about the father? Why is all this heaped onto the mothers of the world?

Then the cover line goes on to pretty much make anyone who favours attachment parenting out to be a freak. Not cool Time not cool.

Personally attachment parenting is not something I’d consider but hey that’s my choice and I’m entitled to make that choice just as those who advocate attachment parenting are. Either choice should come free of judgement.

I could sit here and analyse this cover until the cows come home but I’m far too angry and it will end up being a long-winded rant.

Bottom line is, Time has achieved it’s primary goal – publicity, and mothers have been made to feel like shit about their parenting choices yet again.

I’d like to add I have not yet read the article so I am merely criticising the cover. For all I know the article could be a well-balanced piece and Time has merely produced a controversial cover to gain more readers which is the job of a good editor.

Maternally yours, Rant-Over.


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