It’s all about me!


The boy is out playing in a golf competition today so I thought I’d make use of this glorious Sunday and time to myself by having a me-day. God only knows how many opportunities I’ll have once Predator arrives!
So this morning my mum and I trawled the local markets which run once per month and are jam-packed with lots of homemade goodies created by a host of clever mums.
There’s cloth nappies, bibs, clothing, stuffed animals, pram liners and bags just to name a few.
Today I left with two ‘sleeping bunnies’, a set of cloth wipes and a cute knitted cardigan all for under $50 – what a bargain! I also put in an order for a custom-made pram liner.
It’s really inspiring to see all these fabulous mums who are not only tackling motherhood but have started their own at-home-businesses.
We then hit the Farmers Market – perhaps one of my favourite places on earth – where I stocked up on fresh fruit, veggies and trail mix. I find trail mix to be a healthy and handy snack to have when I’m feeling peckish between meals.
Tonight we are having lamb shanks for dinner so I grabbed some corn on the cob and sweet potato to team with it.
For the rest of the day I plan on giving myself a pedicure, putting a treatment in my hair, baking a jam and coconut slice and an evening stroll to top it off.
Ah yes today is all about ME! I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend 🙂


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